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attractors.io // from the daily sketch tumblr by @bigblueboo // bigblueboo.com
dbl-click, drag, zoom // wiki "attractor" (math concept) // "parameter ghosts" video    
Let's explore strange attractors, a kind of dynamical system in mathematics.
These controls determine your field of view.

If you ever get lost, or can't see the attractor, try pressing resetView and/or lowering the contrast. (Contrast is key!)

attractorType selects the formula that determines the attractor. The formula appears in the lower-right corner.

a, b, c, and d plug in factors into the selected formula.

visualizePath traces the path of the selected attractor function starting at points randomly picked inside the pixel under your cursor.
You can select preset attractors from the drop-down box at the top, above showHelp.

Try selecting one and then varying a, b, c, or d.

Then adjust the contrast to see interesting detail.

Zoom in to an interesting nexus, or try turning on visualizePath.

Discover a form never before seen, and then tweet it or screencap it to imgur by pressing takeSnapshot.

(Click one of these help boxes or uncheck showHelp to hide them.)

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